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Bow Ties on WHAT?!?!

INTRODUCING....Tyrone! You saw it right...Tyrone is sporting a Lauren's Treat Bow Tie!  Who would have thought...a rooster wearing a bow tie! Owner Name: Matt ZabelBreed: Jersey Giant Cross RoosterBirthday: March 2018Favorite Treat: Vegetable ScrapsWhat makes me unique: I am a BIG black bird weighing over 15 lbs! I am mild mannered, you know, a gentle giant. I think the KC Chiefs football team is something to crow about! 😂  

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Hello!With over 25 vendor events, 2 new products and 1 speaking engagement, House #6 was built in 2018!!!!I am so excited for 2019...let's build more homes!Yesterday was a fun, new experience for me...I was interviewed by Michelle Ross for KSN news.  I love building homes, I love my fur babies, and I love sharing my products with new clients.  If you have made a purchase on my website or donated to King's Ransom, THANK YOU!!!!!  You're AWESOME!!!Click here for the interview, in case you missed it!

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